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Our Mission:

To fight poverty by the Eradicating illiteracy in Ethiopia.

Our Vision:

To establish an educated, self sustaining, and resilient society in ethiopia by attracting, recruiting, and developing talented, qualifi

Our Objectives:


The Yetemare Yastemer Ethiopia Scholarship Fund, Inc. (YYESF) is a non profit organization. It works to enhance educational opportunities in Ethiopia through scholarship awards for very poor deserving students who demonstrate, through academic excellence and leadership in their communities, their capacity for a commitment to making a difference in their country.

working childrenPoor conditions in Ethiopia make children help at home vital to continued family survival. As this leave little time for schooling, only a fraction of Ethiopian have access to high school education.

Our primary objective is to support needy and qualified junior high school students – mostly in rural Ethiopia - to continue their high school and college education. We hope to achieve this objective by widely and actively engaging philanthropic individuals, educational organizations, Ethiopians, and friends of Ethiopians around the world.



Please help us achieve those goals by making a contribution you can afford. We thank you for your support.


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